Self-supporting function. Dual electric motors


Complies with the safety requirements


Mechanism sun constrained to unleash your creativity

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Wallbed mechanism complies with safety requirements

Wall bed mechanism complies with the safety requirements of the NF / EU / N 1129-1 and 2 1992 – Tested by the FCBA with a 10 years warranty. Certification NF / EU / N according to the standards (international patent) allows it to be implanted in the rigorous world of hotels and residences open to the public.


For a high quality bedding

Mécanisme de lit escamotable pour achitectes d'intérieur

A LIFTSECURITY wallbed mechanism is perfect for designers and carpenters to answer all their clients requirements. Our mechanisms range can be ar high weight depending on the model, offering the possibility of equipping your creations of premium bedding while ensuring safety and comfort. The self-supporting cradle isentirely independent of the cabinet. Ideal to compose a design following the most surprising applications. The latest innovation: a mechanism electric fold away bed HYBRID with or without sofa.

  • Large widths
  • Supports high quality bedding weight
  • Easy and effortless opening and closing


Express yourself

A real pleasure without constraint or stress, no limit of furniture design, for designers, architects and interior designers. Give your customers a bed furniture design according to their desires through a wallbed mechanism equipped with LIFT SECURITY technology. We talk about design and aesthetics, because the mechanism can be completely invisible. Our mechanisms are designed to express your talent with minimal constraints

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing to remove.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

They trusted us.

If you spent a night in a hotel room equipped with a foldable bed there is a good chance that it was equipped with a LIFT SECURITY © wallbed mechanism.