T.P.R Bed System — Electric Relaxation Bed

This type of bed (T.P.R System: liftable head and feet) brings an absolute wellness and optimal comfort. Electric beds are usually recommended for people who suffer from back pain or any other pains that would need an electric bedding with great comfort and purposely made for a better sleep. Electric bed base brings a total support for lying and sitting positions.

The Zero-Gravity Position

Created for NASA in 1986, this position allowed the astronauts to be in an optimal set up for rocket’s take-off phases. It’s a neutral position that limit to the minimum spine’s tensions. Legs are aligned with the heart, which makes the blood circulation easier. It also reduces the cardiac effort and allows for better lungs’ oxygenation.

This is how you’ll find yourself in a relaxation state, with an intense wellness thanks to the massaging function.



More than 15 features …

Our T.P.R. bed system with its wireless remote controller featuring the following functions: under bed lighting, light on remote, safety locking, head & feet articulation, zero gravity, head & feet massage, massage intensity settings, wave effect, timer.