Horizontal & Bunkbed

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Horizontal retractable bunkbed mechanism

Whether it is a single bed or bunkbeds, our horizontal retractable bed mechanism with its structure and its anti-roll bar is easy to use. Great at saving space, it can be installed in the middle of a room or against a wall. You can use as a separating counter while keeping its saving space feature.

Display of Horizontal & Bunkbed mechanism

Self-supporting structure

Self-supporting structure with floor fixation

Electric jacks

Two jacks allow the raising and lowering without manual help.

Widths < 160cm

The retractable bed mechanism is available with width up to 160cm.

FLEX : Safety Provided

Meet the safety standards

The retractable bed mechanism has been made in order to meet the NF/EU/N 1129-1 and 2-1992 safety standards. The mechanism has a legal and manufacturing warranties of 2 years: the two gas jacks has an 18 months’ warranty from manufacturing date; the slatted bed base has a 2 years’ warranty from manufacturing date. This allow the retractable bed mechanism to be worldly established in the hotel and residences industry.

Self-supporting structure

Fixation on the floor

Thanks to its self-supporting structure (floor fixation needed), the mechanism is independent from the furniture. This allows a design around the structure according the creativity or the desires of your customers.

Comfort and design

A tool for your creativity

With the retractable bed mechanism, you can equip a studio by positioning it up to a furniture in order to have a storage place, a desk or even a wardrobe under the bed. This allow you to keep your fixed bed while still having an additional sleeping area. You can also position it in the middle of the room as a separation while still saving space and having an additional bed.