Horizontal & Superposé

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Horizontal folding bed mechanism

Whether it is in single bed or bunk beds our mechanism horizontal closet bed with its cradle and its bar anti-collapse is easy to use. Champion of the saving of space, he can be installed(settled) in the middle of a room or against a wall. You can use him as separation of American counter while keeping its function of bed saving of space.

Horizontal & superposé

Self-supporting cradle

Self-supporting cradle, fixation on the ground.

Electric jacks

Two jacks assure the rise and the descent without manual help.

Widths < 160cm

The mechanism of closet bed is delivered until 160 cm widths.

FLEX : A guaranteed safety

Respected standards

Mechanism closet bed in compliance with the requirements of safety of the NF / HAD / N 1129-1 and 2 1992 – with a legal guarantee of conformity of 2 YEARS and guaranteed manufacturer: jacks gas 18 months date of manufacture slatted Bed base 2 years date of manufacture, allowing him to be implanted in the very rigorous world of the hotel business and the residences receiving from the public.

Self-supporting cradle

Fixation(Binding) on the ground

Thanks to its self-supporting cradle (fixation compulsory for the ground) the mechanism is independent from the piece of furniture what allows you to realize a dressing around the mechanism according to your creativity or the desire of your customers.

Comfort and design

A tool for your creativity

With the mechanism horizontal closet bed, you can equip a studio by positioning him and by fixing solidly the mechanism horizontal closet bed over a piece of furniture to have an arrangement, an office and a cupboard down. It allows you to keep your fixed bed and to have an additional sleeping around. You can fit out also a bed in the middle of a room by way of separation while keeping an additional sleeping around by clearing more space.