HYBRID   Sofa Mechanism

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Electric Mechanism

The electric retractable bed/sofa with “HYBRID” mechanism has been created in cooperation with professionals of the hotel industry and residences, as well as with requests collected through a survey with our customers, fitters, designers, architects and carpenter. It is considered as the high-end range of LIFT SECURITY.


HYBRID Mechanism display

100% Self-supporting

Self-supporting structure, with no feet, no fixation on the wall and neither on the floor.

Electric jacks

Raising and lowering are provided with two jacks, without any manual help.

Widths < 200cm

The retractable bed mechanism is delivered up to a width of 200cm.

HYBRID: Double safety

Every component is doubled

The electrically retractable bed mechanism with “HYBRID” sofa has been studied with our partner LINAK (world leader of the electric motorisation of medical equipment). The bed is equipped with two electric engines as well as a backup battery that allows a maximum of 20 rotations without electricity. The wireless remote control is doubled by a manual button, as well as a two back up gas jacks which allow to replace the two electric jacks. With LIFT SECURITY “HYBRID”, your retractable bed will always be functioning.

100% Self-supporting

No feet, no fixation on the wall and the floor

Thanks to its self-supporting structure, without floor or wall fixation and no feet, the mechanism is independent from the furniture while ensuring safety standards. This allows you to express your creativity at its maximum without any constraints.

Comfort and Design

A tool for your creativity

The mechanism can support high-end bedding with mattresses from 20kg to 60kg, and with a maximum thickness of 25cm. The retractable HYBRID bed/sofa mechanism is also available in different width, from 160cm to 200cm.

The floor is kept in perfect state and won’t be scratched anymore thanks to our no-feet structure.

The strength, safety, warranty and comfort of our retractable HYBRID bed/sofa mechanism have convinced many hotels.