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How to choose my fold-away bed ?

All our models have been designed for daily use and are FCBA certified, guaranteeing their safe use. The certification attests that the quality and performance of products or services have been validated through an independent and accredited body.

Depending on the model, use can be simplified thanks to the electric version for effortless use.

Regarding the choice of bedding, you must first choose the size that suits you best and which depends on the configuration of your room. There is no limit on length and width.

All our “Well-Being” mattresses are made in France under the brand offering optimal comfort (thickness of 23 cm – mattress from 20 to 60 kg), as well as a sleeping environment guaranteeing perfect hygiene. They are specially designed to adapt to the LiftSecurity © Murphy bed mechanism.

You can then determine which mechanism to choose depending on the location of the bed. Vertical or horizontal, with or without sofa.

What dimensions for a Murphy bed ?

The bed must adapt to the surface you have on the floor, without forgetting the wall surface. For the fold-away beds for 2 people, you have the choice, as for conventional bedding, between the dimensions 140, 160, and 180 cm. . LiftSecurity © goes further by offering a dimension up to 200×200 cm.

The foldaway child bed is the easiest to place. With standardized dimensions of 90 cm in width and 200 cm in length, it will also be ideal for an extra single bed.

Electric or manual bed, which one to choose ?

The manual Murphy bed offers exactly the same characteristics as an electric Murphy bed, except that the mechanism for opening and closing the bed is easily operated by hand.

The LiftSecurity © electric Murphy bed allows you to use it automatically every day without any effort. Just press the button on the remote control to easily and securely open and close the bed.

All our models have been designed for daily use and are FCBA certified, guaranteeing safe and unlimited use.

Wall and floor fixings ?

The HYBRIDE Electric Sofa and FLEX Sofa models are mechanisms that require no fixing, either on the floor or on the wall.

For HYBRID Single bed, FLEX single bed, ESAY MECA and HORIZONTAL bed products, fixing to the floor / wall is compulsory.

All our models have a self-supporting cradle.

Which mattress for my Murphy bed ?

All LiftSecurity © Murphy beds are fitted with a real slatted frame base that can accommodate high-end bedding with mattresses from 20 to 60 kg and a maximum thickness of 23 cm.

The +: You can also benefit from a real memory foam mattress made in France under the Naturaliterie® brand and specially designed for LiftSecurity © Murphy beds. It is made from 100% natural probiotics that help you sleep better. It reduces allergies by 89.3% and improves the quality of sleep. High-end finish, quality upholstery for this exceptional product. Available dimensions: 140 to 200×200 cm.

Which options ?

Some of the Murphy beds are easier to unfold compared to others. It’s important to pay attention. Ours guarantees you the simplest daily use. The best level of comfort is offered by models with retractable feet, removable feet or stainless steel fixed bar feet as offered by LiftSecurity ©.

Our HYBRID sofa model has no legs: this precious option allows the bed to be opened which avoids any scratches on the parquet floor or which would damage your floor. Some of our products also offer accessorize your Murphy bed by adding a headboard. bed, shelves, reading lights, additional storage…

For the FLEX Sofa model, you have a chaise longue with storage box to store quilts, pillows, cushions, etc.

What are the main features of our different products ?

All of our Murphy bed mechanics are equipped with an independent self-supporting cradle.

Regarding our HYBRID model, no fixing is required in a cabinet or on a wall. It also has 2 electric motors with a backup battery.

The HYBRID sofa model offers a depth of more than 900 mm. The LiftSecurity © Murphy bed mechanics are available in large widths 160, 180 and 200 cm. On estimate, for a larger dimension.

Our Murphy beds accommodate mattresses over 60 kg.

Safety, lifetime warranty (metal frame and cradle, according to daily use and normal assembly), FCBA standards, make LiftSecurity © products, products unique in the world.

What maintenance for my Murphy bed ?

There is no special maintenance to plan.


What securities ?

The LiftSecurity © Murphy bed mechanism is FCBA certified: this certification attests that the quality and performance of the product have been validated by an independent and accredited body. Certification is necessary for establishments open to the public (ERP).

All LiftSecurity © retractable bed mechanics are fitted with a carrier cradle and are made with materials and components which are the result of industrial techniques which were initially intended for more intense uses than domestic uses.

The entire structure (front + steel frame + box spring) can safely support a total weight of over 300 kg. Electric motors are tested by manufacturers with 10,000 openings / closings and gas cylinders with 30,000 openings / closings.

The LiftSecurity © retractable bed mechanism meets the requirements for the safety and resistance of folding beds for domestic use (AFNOR standard NF 1129-1 and 2 of 1995 for folding beds). No breakdown: All LiftSecurity © mechanics are fitted with emergency gas cylinders for greater safety. The HYBRIDE electric sofa and HYBRIDE single electric models benefit from a backup battery.

For over 10 years, LiftSecurity © machines have been the most reliable, robust and secure on the world market and meet the most stringent requirements.

What electrical connections ?

In the electric version, a simple power outlet is sufficient.

Our HYBRID electric models are equipped with a backup battery which ensures a minimum of 15 open / close operations with the power off.

For over 10 years, LiftSecurity © machines have been the most reliable, robust and secure on the world market and meet the most stringent requirements.


What guarantee for my Murphy bed ?

LiftSecurity © benefits from the 2 year legal guarantee of conformity.

This period starts from the date of possession of the property: article L.217-4 of the French Consumer Code.


Metal frames and cradle for life, according to normal use and mounting.




The LiftSecurity © Murphy bed mechanism is protected by 4 international patents.

For over 10 years, LiftSecurity © machines have been the most reliable, robust and secure on the world market and meet the most stringent requirements.


Delivery :

Delivery is made everywhere in Metropolitan France.

The LiftSecurity © mechanics are delivered in wooden or cardboard boxes (shipping crates on estimate).

Delivery times: depending on stock

Installation :

The installation must be carried out by a qualified and approved person and must have taken out professional civil liability insurance for their activity and obligations. Improper installation of this product may result in risk of injury and malfunction.

An assembly manual is attached to each mechanism.

NB: if you plan to make the furniture yourself (covering), it is preferable to make it after the reception of the mechanism, because variations of a few millimeters in +/- can occur.


How to contact customer service ?

Customer service can be reached by email at this address contact@liftsecurity or by phone on 07 78 51 12 00 (Monday to Friday from 9h to 19h).

Find all contact information on this page.

Where to buy a LiftSecurity © Murphy bed ?

All our models are available on our website


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