Mécanisme canapé   HYBRIDE

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Mécanisme électrique

It is a question down from range LIFTSECURITY. The mechanism of electric closet bed with sofa “HYBRID” was finalized with the cooperation of professionals of hotel businesses and residences as well as in the requests collectedfurther to a poll with our customers, agenceurs, designers, architects and joiners.


Display mechanism reads sofa HYBRIDE

100% Autoporteurs

Self-supporting cradle. No fixation on the ground or on the wall. More feet.

Electric jacks

Two jacks assure the rise and the descent without manual help.

Widths < 200cm

The mechanism of closet bed is delivered until 200 cm widths.

HYBRIDE: Double safety

Every component is doubled

Your closet bed equipped with the mechanism of closet bed electric “HYBRID” sofa was studied with our partner LINAK (world leader of the electric motorizations of the medical equipments). Equip with two electric engines as well as with a backup battery which allows without electricity to make a maximum of 20 rotations. A radio wireless remote control doubled by a manual button and by two jacks gas of help allows to replace the electric jacks. With “HYBRID” LIFTSECURITY your closet bed will always be in office.

100% autoporteur

No feet, no fixation(binding) on the ground or on the wall.

With his self-supporting cradle, without any fixation ground or wall, without feet, while keeping the safeties, the mechanism is independent from the piece of furniture what avoids you of numerous constraints so by freeing your creativity.

Confort et design

Un outil pour votre créativité

The mechanism closet bed sofa “HYBRID” can welcome of the bedding top of the range with mattresses from 30 to 65 kg and maximum 25 cms in thickness. The mechanism closet bed sofa “HYBRID” can come in big width of 160 in 180cm and the same 200 cms.

More feet which come to line a parquet (public prosecutor’s department) a stone floor or to damage a carpet. The mechanism with its automatic foldaway basis allies the safety and the esthetics.

The robustness, the safety, the guarantee and the comfort of our mechanisms of closet beds HYBRID sofa convinced numerous hotels.