Vertical mechanism FLEX

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Mechanism simple closet bed FLEX

Mechanism of bed sofa foldaway big comfort with safe under basis. The mechanism closet bed sofa ” FLEX ” is self-supporting, useless to leak out on the ground or on the wall. Any fixation is necessary thanks to the technology LiftSecurity©. Leave the mechanism to build your piece of furniture and not the opposite. Jacks gas which assure the opening and the closure are not visible. Possibility of masking completely the frame. With the mechanism FLEX you go to be able to create a closet bed which answers all your requirements or requests of your customers. The mechanism closet bed sofa ” FLEX ” can welcome 15 kilo mattresses minimum in 20 kilos maximum with a maximum thickness of 19 cms. The mechanism closet bed sofa ” FLEX ” can come 140cm and 160cm.


Mechanism vertical FLEX

Self-supporting cradle

Self-supporting cradle, fixation on the ground.

Widths < 160cm

The mechanism of closet bed is delivered until 160 cm widths.

FLEX : A guaranteed safety

Respected standards

Mechanism closet bed in compliance with the requirements of safety of the NF / HAD / N 1129-1 and 2 1992 – with a legal guarantee of conformity of 2 YEARS and guaranteed manufacturer: jacks gas 18 months date of manufacture slatted Bed base 2 years date of manufacture, allowing him to be implanted in the very rigorous world of the hotel business and the residences receiving from the public.

Self-supporting cradle

Fixation on the ground

Thanks to its self-supporting cradle (fixation compulsory for the ground) the mechanism is independent from the piece of furniture what allows you to realize a dressing around the mechanism according to your creativity or the desire of your customers.

Comfort and design

A tool for your creativity

The weight of facades is of maxi 41kg / mini 39kg 140cm and of maxi 45kg / mini 39kg 160cm. The weight of the mechanism is from 112 kg to 140cm and 120 kg 160cm.

The installation must be realized by a person qualified to make the installation and the regulations, the incorrect installation of this product can entrainer risks of wounds, a bad assembly and/or an installation can engage on no account our responsibility. An assembly instructions are joined to every mechanism.