FLEX   Vertical Mechanism

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Retractable Bed FLEX Vertical Mechanism

The retractable bed mechanism provides a great comfort and a chest under the sitting area. The FLEX mechanism is self-supporting, and doesn’t any drilling in the floor or the wall. No fixation is needed thanks to the LIFT SECURITY© technology. Start from the mechanism to build your bed, not the opposite. The gas jacks are not visible and provide the opening and the closing. It is possible to entirely hide the structure if needed. Thanks to the FLEX mechanism, you will be able to create a retractable bed that meets all the requirements and desires of your customers. The FLEX retractable bed mechanism can support mattresses that weight a minimum of 15kg, to a maximum of 20kg and with a maximum thickness of 19cm. The FLEX mechanism is available in 140cm and 160cm.


FLEX Vertical Mechanism

Self-supporting structure

Self-supporting structure with fixation on the floor.

Widths < 160cm

The retractable bed mechanism is available with width up to 160cm

FLEX : Safety Provided

Meet safety standards

The retractable bed mechanism has been made in order to meet the NF/EU/N 1129-1 and 2-1992 safety standards. The mechanism has a legal and manufacturing warranties of 2 years: the two gas jacks has an 18 months’ warranty from manufacturing date; the slatted bed base has a 2 years’ warranty from manufacturing date. This allow the retractable bed mechanism to be worldly established in the hotel and residences industry.

Self-supporting structure

Fixation on the floor

Thanks to its self-supporting structure (floor fixation needed), the mechanism is independent from the furniture. This allows a design around the structure according the creativity or the desires of your customers.

Comfort and design

A tool for your creativity

The front and back boards weights reach a maximum of 41kg and a minimum of 39kg for a 140cm width bed, and a maximum of 45kg and minimum of 39kg for a 160cm width bed.

The mechanism itself weight about 112kg for a 140cm width bed, and about 120kg for a 160cm width bed.

The installation need to be done by a certified professional in order to make all the settings. An incorrect installation of this product can cause injuries, and this kind of installation is not part of our responsibility. An installation guide is delivered with each mechanism.