“The simplicity

is supreme sophistication. “


Leonardo Da Vinci

From the beginning ... to the end.

Curious and animated by a great thirst for learning, Alexis PAOUTOFF starts his Odyssey with the Compagnons du tour de France.

Touched by the spontaneity and the interest of this born artist, they adopted him. The know-how acquired and become skillful with his hands he works with wood with passion. He created his own workshop at 35 years old. Filled with flawless creative fervor, he imagines, creates and gives birth to numerous furniture.

His work is recognized and crowned with numerous distinctions.

Much more than mechanics, a revolutionary concept

The latter has a self-supporting structure that combines strength, reliability and security. No wall mounting is required for sofa mechanics, nor to the floor. The walls remain intact.

Gas cylinders ensure opening and closing, secured with 2 electric motors. These particularities must above all meet a requirement imposed by the hotel world. Thanks to this concept, the layout and optimization of a living space is no longer a problem.

The solution provided by the latter allows all modularity and with the double motorized actuators Liftsecurity © mechanism no breakdown due to its double safety features.

Codified manufacturing steps

The method of the industrialist Alexis PAOUTOFF is based on a description, a meticulous codification of each element of the Liftsecurity © mechanism, and of each stage of manufacturing and of its control.

Perfectly sequenced, the manufacturing method does not tolerate any deviation in quality.

No other mechanism on a global level can provide such safety and reliability.

No mechanical fixing – Supports 60 kg mattresses – A front panel + frame + box spring for a total of more than 300 kg safely.