The only mattress that guarantees the hygiene of your bedding and preserves your health.

Memory foam mattress for Murphy bed

Our mattress takes care of you every night

The memory foam mattress with 100% natural probiotics that helps you sleep better.

It reduces allergies by 89.3% and improves the quality of sleep.

Its comfort is smoothly worthy of the largest hotels.

High-end finish, quality upholstery for this exceptional product.

Specially designed for Murphy beds equipped with the LIFT SECURITY mechanism.

It can accommodate high-end bedding with mattresses from 20 to 60 kg with a maximum thickness of 23 cm.

The keys to well-being


Probiotics for perfect hygiene.


Carbon thread to eliminate stress.


Constant body temperature.


Bamboo against humidity.


Linen to help you fall asleep.

Our difference

The NATURALITERIE® memory foam mattress adapts perfectly to your body type.

Indeed, thanks to a unique know-how we offer you a natural mattress of artisanal quality.

In this spirit of well-being our bedding offers a healthy and relaxing environment thanks in particular to natural anti-allergenic probiotics,

flax that promotes sleep, viscose of bamboo that removes moisture and the tick woven from an ultra-fine carbon thread that promotes relaxation by reducing cortisol levels.

Made in Provence

10 year warranty

Free delivery in mainland France


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