By choosing LIFTSECURITY, you are opting for mechanisms stemming from unique technologies and performances on the world market of the Murphy bed.

Electric sofa - HYBRID



Single electric - HYBRID






Manual sofa - FLEX



Single manual - FLEX





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The difference between market mechanisms and LIFTSECURITY mechanisms


Mandatory wall fixings

Most of the existing models on the market require installation with wall brackets which must be solid to avoid tipping!

They must be carried out on concrete walls capable of supporting the weight and handling of the product (not recommended on a thin partition or plasterboard)

In addition, the frame attachment is attached to the sides of the cabinet.

The LIFTSECURITY mechanism

Installation without any constraints

With LIFTSECURITY, the mechanism alone is enough!

No more fasteners.

Thanks to its self-supporting cradle, the HYBRIDE models with sofa from LIFTSECURITY require no fixing, either on the floor or on the wall, they stay clean and intact.

There is therefore no risk of tipping.

Why choose us

Professional experience

Our LIFTSECURITY mechanics have been able to meet the versatility needs of collective or private accommodation places, where sleeping and working space must coexist. From the hotel industry, to hotel or university residences, our mechanics have known how to adapt their technicality and design to the needs of their customers.

100 % made in France

All the parts making up the structure of the mechanism are 100% made in France. Our know-how and our expertise make it an innovative and unique product. No other mechanism at the global level can provide security and reliability.

Patented & Certified

Our mechanics comply with the safety requirements of NF 1129-1 and 2 of 1995 for folding beds. She is also FCBA certified. LIFTSECURITY technology is protected by 4 international patents.


Unique concept

Liftsecurity mechanics is the only one in the world to offer a Murphy bed fitted with 2 electric motors of 8000 newton each which can lift mattresses of + 60 kg.

It requires no fixing either to the floor or to the wall. Composed of a self-supporting cradle, it is completely independent of the furniture.

It combines solidity, reliability and security.

Manual or electric

Manual or electric, the Liftsecurity mechanics allow an easy, trouble-free and safe opening, while keeping a sleeping set of great comfort.

Always in operation, thanks to 2 gas cylinders and a backup battery which allows use without electricity (HYBRID model).

Equipped with a self-supporting cradle without any attachment for the HYBRID sofa model. No more feet that scratch a parquet or damage the floor.

Great comfort

Liftsecurity Murphy beds are available in large widths up to 200 cm.

They can accommodate high-end bedding with mattresses from 20 to 70 kg, with a thickness of 15 to 25 cm maximum.

Possibility to choose solutions ranging from a single bed with a width of 80 cm to a large bed of 200 x 200 cm.

Design and modularity

No constraints or limits on the creation of furniture for designers, architects and planners.

Offer your customers a bed furniture design according to their wishes. Optimize space with Lift Security technology.

You lack space ?

Liftsecurity also brings you flexible solutions adapted to your interior

The trend today is for space. LIFSECURITY therefore offers you solutions to gain and optimize this space.

With the LIFTSECURITY convertible mechanisms, transform your living room, your office or your dining room into a bedroom without constraint or any effort. No limit of creation, leave room for your imagination.

Our patented mechanics make it possible to adapt to all styles of beds and meet the highest requirements in terms of security.

Self-supporting, manual or electric, it allows safe handling while keeping a comfortable bed on a daily basis.


Our experience is appreciated and approved in the rigorous and demanding world of the hotel industry.

If you spent one night in a hotel room with a fold-down bed, there is a good chance that it is fitted with a LIFT SECURITY © Murphy bed mechanism